About Lexii

The Crumb Canvas was created by award winning cake and cookie designer Lexii Moore. Her cakes are made from scratch and always taste as good as they look. The Crumb Canvas is a home based bakery located in the Bronx and serving the entire New York City area. Lexii is always happy to work side by side with you to design the perfect edible masterpiece for your special event. Whether it be a first birthday cake, wedding cake, or custom cookies just because, every items first ingredient is love.


Lexii's Gaurentee 

Each cake that leaves my hands are custom to the owners desire. I promise to never produce an exact duplicate of any previous order.That is of course the reason for a custom cake. This also means that if a photo of a cake is brought onto me to be duplicated, it will be designed as desired but never as an exact duplicate.

 I guarantee that all my cakes are made from scratch and use only the freshest and finest ingredients.

 Your orders will be completed packaged and shipped in a timely manner. If I cannot for any reason meet these standards I will notify you in a timely manor. If for any reason you are not satisfied with my products or service, simply contact me and I will try to my best of abilities to make the matter right with the appropriate replacement or if necessary, refund. 

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