Custom Cookies 

About our custom cookies 

 Our delicious melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies are made with the finest quality ingredients and topped with an amazing buttery vanilla royal icing. Each cookie is custom designed to your preferences and are priced individually based on design, color, and size.


Cookies have a minimum order of 8 and can be ordered in a set of 8,12, 16 or 24 (or more if needed). These cookies can range in size from 2.5 inches (mini) to 5+ inches.

Cookies can be gift boxed, bagged and tied with ribbon bow and heat sealed upon request. 


To receive a quote or order a custom set of cookies please contact us through phone, email, or the contact tab conveniently placed in the upper left hand corner on the home page of our site. 

Cookie sets 

Cookie sets have a minimum order of 8, 12, 16, or 24 standard sized cookies. Standard cookies are 3-4 inches in size. All of our cookies are rolled to 5/16th of an inch thickness. 

Custom cookies range in price from $40 and up per set. Approximately $5 per standard sized cookie.

Cookie Platters

Our delicious cookies arranged in a beautiful display on a platter for you to take directly to your event. Each Platter holds 35 cookies. Size of cookies range 1.5"-5" size. Variety of designs & colors to match your theme or party d├ęcor.


 Cookie platters start at $85 and holds 35 cookies 


Mini Cookies

These bite sized cookies look great on their own or together alongside our standard cookie. Cookies range in size from 1.5 to 2 inches. Due to small size of mini cookies I cannot do a vast amount of detail on the cookies. 


 Minis are $1.00 each with a minimum order of 5 dozen or 2 dozen when ordered along side  standard sized cookie sets.  


These are also available as party favors bagged in sets of 3, 4, or 5 cookies and tied with a fabric ribbon into a lovely bow for additional $1 per bag.

PYO (Paint-your-own) Cookies

These coloring book style cookies are 100% edible. Made with the same royal icing and cookie as our standard cookies, each cookie has an edible watercolor-like food coloring "paint" palette either attached to, or alongside the cookie.


Cookies are approximately 3.5x4 inch. Every PYO cookie is individually bagged with instruction label on the back and a water color style paintbrush. Simply wet paintbrushes with water to activate "paint"


Each cookie is $5 each with a minimum order of 10 unless noted otherwise. 

Frequently asked questions
How do I place an order?

To place an order you can send us an email using the contact tab on the home page. You can also text or email us. 4-6 weeks advance notice is preferred. From there we will discuss flavor, design, pricing and form of payment to get your order booked. Your order is booked when a payment of half the balance is paid if your balance totals up to more that $100. If your order totals to $100 or less the full payment is needed to be booked. Final payment is due no less than 10 days before your order date. 

Do you take last minute orders?

While 4-6 week advance notice is preferred we can sometimes squeeze in a last minute order. However due to the amount of time and detail that goes into decorating custom cookies no orders with less than 5 business days notice will not be accepted.

Do you ship your cookies?

Yes shipping is available across the country.

What flavors do you offer?

We offer a variety of flavors and rotate in new ones seasonally. You can view the list of flavors


If no flavor is specified our signature butter vanilla sugar cookies will be used. 

How do I keep my cookies fresh if i'm not going to eat them right away?

These cookies stay fresh for a really long time if kept in an air tight container away from direct sunlight. You can also request for the cookies to be placed in heat sealed bagged at no extra cost. This will keep the cookies fresh for 2+ weeks. You can also freeze your cookies to extend freshness.

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